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How to Connect With Your True Self | Radhanath Swami on Impact Theory

Why do so many people feel so disconnected? Famed spiritual guide, community activist and best-selling author Radhanath Swami claims that we feel disconnected because we really are disconnected from our true selves. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Radhanath Swami explains how to tell the difference between the real and illusory self, what spiritual practice really looks like, and why love is the most powerful motivating force.


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Radhanath explains how disconnection leads to seeing illusion instead of reality [2:42]

What is our true self? What is reality? [4:37]

Radhanath and Tom discuss how to tell the difference between real and illusory threats [5:46]

Radhanath uses Redwood trees to explain why unity is strength [10:17]

Radhanath advocates that we have a living force that lives in a body and has a mind [15:44]

Tom asks why it’s worth it to pursue the difficult spiritual path [19:50]

Radhanath describes how to start the journey towards love and spiritual awakening [23:20]

Radhanath discusses psychedelics and medications [27:45]

Radhanath describes exactly what spiritual practice looks like [30:37]

Radhanath explains arrogance, envy, and selfishness as dust collecting on the mind [34:15]

Radhanath describes passing through illusion to living an enlightened life [37:55]

Radhanath shares the impact he wants to have on the world [41:31]


“When we understand the sacredness, the beauty, the eternal nature of our own spirit, then we can recognize it in creation, in others.” [9:28]

“We’re not trying to find happiness through the things that we can get. But we actually understand that true happiness comes is sharing what we have within ourselves.” [15:11]

“Love is what we’re all searching for. Love is the most powerful motivating force.” [22:46]


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“The Journey Within” and “The Journey Home” https://amzn.to/31LFZkV [2:27]


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