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Radhi Shetty on How to STOP Beating Yourself Up, and START LOVING Yourself Unconditionally | Women of Impact

When you are feeling overly emotional and trapped in your thoughts about stress, frustration and doubts you are having about everything happening around you, anything can set you off. Yet, so often you try to hold those emotions in, try to put on your brave and confident face for everyone else and feel like you’re falling apart inside. Radhi Devlukia Shetty joins me in this episode and opens up to all the vulnerabilities and insecurities we experience as women. We explore being emotional, and how healthy and freeing it is to have emotional release so you are not storing those emotions in your body.



Estrogen | Radhi on the symptoms and way she’s dealing with high estrogen levels [0:38]

Support | Recognizing when you’re emotional or just need a little more support [3:17]

Being Emotional | Why crying isn’t a weakness and permission to sit with your sadness [5:34]

Emotional Release | Radhi on value of allowing emotions to move through and out of you [8:06]

Trapped Emotions | Advice on how to release trapped emotions as a routine practice [11:49]

Meltdowns | Radhi on feeling overwhelmed and not knowing what to do out of frustration [16:11]

Pressure | Feeling pressure like you “should” be good at everything and processing that [21:17]

Comparison | Radhi breaks down how detrimental it can be to your person growth [23:26]

Weakness | Radhi shares how powerful it can be to use your weaknesses to grow [27:19]

Self Doubt | Radhi’s evolution, not allowing it to turn into self destructive behavior [34:12]

Future Stuck | Radhi & Lisa discuss being stuck by future expectation & fear of unknown [38:18]

Conflict & Pain | Radhi on the healing we block when we hurt and try hurting others [42:17]

Self Control | Radhi explains why self control is a daily practice and having freedom in it [48:16]

Being Proud | Radhi & Lisa discuss the angles of feeling pride and celebrating yourself [50:00]



“Whether you’re getting a high from a happy thing, or a low from something that’s made you sad, treat them equally. Allow them to feel those emotions equally, because actually, one is not better than the other.” [6:13]


“Even if you want to cry alone, don’t see it as a weakness. See it as something that’s making you stronger and happier in some way.” [7:41]


“Any emotions trapped in your body, anything mental trapped in your body is going to physically manifest in some way” [9:22]


“Exactly how I do with exercise now, exactly how I see with working out, exactly how I see journaling, exactly how I see my meditation, I see releasing of emotion being just as important. […] energy is not meant to be stagnant in your body.” [11:16]


“If you just think of one thing that you’re good at, and you realize that one thing actually does make you feel very happy, the rest is just bonuses.” [25:52]


“if your weaknesses are something that you really are fixated on, and that you want to change, and you really feel is preventing you from progressing in some way, take one weakness a week, take one weakness a month, however long it takes you to feel like you’re a little bit more in control of it, you’re a little bit better at it, then you were.” [28:02]


“Being a trustworthy friend, being someone who trusts in themselves, show up for yourself, show up for that person. That is how a relationship is built, and friendship is built in that way. So why do you think that you can keep going back on your word to yourself and still believe in yourself?” [32:01]


“belief in yourself is what you exude out of yourself, like what people feel the energy that they feel when they’re around you. It’s everything that you are feeling about yourself within you.” [33:25]


“I really have found so much growth in terms of doubting myself, but also so much growth which has come from the process of doubting myself.” [35:05]


“I don’t think self doubt is a negative thing, as long as you are trying to figure out ways to and using it as a platform for further growth.” [35:20]


“…a lot of us use our past to keep us stuck but what we don’t realize is, we use our future to keep us stuck.” Lisa Bilyeu [38:22]


“Whatever I’m giving out to people, it’s not only what they’re receiving is what’s being created inside of me, which means I’m choosing to create the energy within me to give out. I can’t give out anything that’s not already within me.” [43:19]


“So pain and giving out pain is never going to heal your heart from the pain that you’re feeling, you’re gonna have to heal that, and you’re going to have fend through that pain and, and really learn how to digest it, recycle it in a way that it’s coming out of you in something better.” [45:56]


“Yes the work is done by me but that work is supported through the nourishment that I receive through my teachers, through nature, through my parents, through the person that I randomly meet that inspires me.” [53:22]


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