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If You Struggle to See the Beauty in Your Own Life, Watch This

By January 8, 2020 Women of Impact

Superstar vegan recipe creator and conscious cooking advocate Radhi Devulkia-Shetty has developed quite a following by promoting plant-based food and fashion products. She is also justly known for being honest, compassionate and vulnerable in an online environment where those qualities are rare. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Radhi Shetty talks about setting boundaries, learning to not try to “fix” people, learning to be happy when your peers succeed, and how she overcame body image struggles and embraced healthy, conscious living.



Radhi talks about learning to be happy for other people when they succeed [2:26]

Radhi explains that her jealousy had been about not putting in the work [4:44]

Radhi describes wanting to create exceptionally good content [6:51]

Radhi and Lisa discuss the fact that there will always be haters [9:10]

Radhi talks about how she uses meditation [12:35]

Radhi shares her story of learning to not try to “fix” people [15:51]

Radhi explains why she always gives advice, even when people don’t take it [18:11]

Radhi describes her process for setting boundaries [20:28]

Radhi says that her online persona is very separate from her husband’s [22:26]

Radhi gives advice for people who suffer from social anxiety [24:45]

Radhi describes going from struggling with body image to focusing on strength on health [26:30]

Radhi talks about food and relationships [30:46]

Radhi and Lisa discuss the difference between habitual cravings and the body’s needs [33:46]

Radhi shares her reactions to her husband’s busy schedule [36:28]

Radhi and Lisa discuss how they make their relationships work [38:52]

Radhi explains how she deals with guilt [43:24]

Radhi talks about what she’s most excited about next [47:00]

Radhi shares her superpower [47:41]



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