Rangan Chatterjee

This Is How You Find Out Who You Really Are

We have over-complicated health and wellness. And we may be emphasizing food and exercise too much when stress, touch and sex are just as important. Dr. Rangan Chatterjee knows that people are needlessly suffering, and change is quite possible. Not only is it possible, but it may be much simpler than most people realize. On this episode of Conversations with Tom, Rangan and Tom Bilyeu discuss how crucially important human touch is, and talk extensively about how harmful stress is. Dr. Chatterjee even claims that stress is a bigger part of digestive disorders than food is. This is not the only controversial claim he makes, but he has both the research and the life experience treating patients to back up what he says. After watching this episode you may very well conclude that it’s the simple things that we need to get right: human touch, intimacy, and relaxation. The complexity and the tech can wait.



Rangan talks about hanging on to the toxic emotion of guilt as a parent [0:04]

How do you let go of toxic emotions? [2:53]

Does all addiction come down to childhood trauma? [4:33]

Tom and Rangan discuss the fact that you can’t want personal growth for someone [6:41]

Do people really need to suffer in order to get motivated to truly change? [9:59]

Rangan contends that most people are walking around unconscious to what matters [11:12]

Rangan talks about what happens when people really have to face their trauma [16:18]

Breakthroughs are extraordinary, but real change requires day-to-day work [19:33]

How do you get people to start working out who don’t want to work out? [21:37]

What do you do when your spouse is not on a growth path? [24:47]

Rangan says the point of life is to figure out who you are. Tom disagrees. [25:28]

Rangan explains losing his passion for soccer, and wonders if the passion was ever real [30:47]

Tom says that there is no such thing as a fundamental self [38:13]

Rangan says that his journey was absolutely one of letting go of false selves [40:36]

Tom advocates that everything about anyone’s worldview and values is made up [48:12]

Rangan talks about stripping away the layers of the onion to find who he really is [50:55]

Tom discusses the need for quiet and stillness to shut out everyone else’s opinions [55:55]

When you can see that your self is a construct, then you can start to un-construct it [59:10]

Diet and exercise is over-emphasized compared to overwhelming stress [1:01:33]

Rangan believes that stress is fundamentally what’s causing lower libido and infertility [1:04:09]

Stress is also a bigger component than food when it comes to digestive disorders [1:06:39]

Rangan describes methods to relax before eating [1:13:06]

Rangan and Tom discuss optimal breathing methods [1:18:01]

Rangan describes the mindfulness practices he uses [1:22:12]

Rangan and Tom discuss that how stress interferes with sex [1:23:31]

A lack of close, nourishing relationships is one of the biggest causes of stress [1:29:55]

Rangan and Tom discuss how touch has become something to be avoided [1:39:12]

Rangan recommends that everyone do what he calls a “3D greeting” [1:44:04]

There might be a point where you are having too much sex [1:48:21]

Technology has harmed intimacy [1:51:24]



“The Stress Solution”, Rangan Chatterjee



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