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How to Master Your MIND, Body, and Breath to Become A WARRIOR | Jujitsu Legend Rickson Gracie

Reaching your full potential is a pursuit worth going for regardless of your goals for life, business or relationships. You will have so many options and opportunities in life to become extraordinary, the only question is how and what’s stopping you. Rickson Gracie is a living legend with over 450 wins in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. As much of a warrior he has become over the years as a 9th degree red belt, he is also kind, spiritual, and connected in mind and body. His story represents what is achievable when you control your mind, your body, and your spirit. He shares the importance of the breath and what it takes to be uncomfortable, seek out discomfort and learn to master and control yourself in that discomfort. Though you may not be on a mission to become a jiu jitsu competitor, you will still benefit from the lessons shared byu Master Rickson Gracie in this episode.


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0:00 | Introduction Rickson Gracie

2:10 | Kindness of a True Warrior

4:26 | Tools of Martial Arts

7:34 | Control Mind Body & Spirit

15:32 | Spiritual Power of a Warrior

17:35 | When the Fight Comes

24:55 | Developing Moral Values

37:18 | Elements Needed for Mindset

40:09 | The Gift of Being Present

46:37 | Allow Kids Their Own Path

50:24 | Uncomfortable Breathing

54:26 | Help Non-Fighters Fight Life



“Martial arts gives you tools. The tools are connection, base, deflection,  strategy, emotional control, the capacity for you to use visualization, and other elements.” [5:44]


“So just being prepared, just being talented is not enough. Just being able to focus and be strategically correct is not enough. I have to have the spirituality to say today is a great day to be in a battle.” [9:04]


“I was accepting death in order to be comfortable in hell.” [9:28]


“I noticed my worst enemy at this point was my own mind, playing tricks on me. It tells me I don’t have enough, tells me I was tired, tells me that I’m [gonna lose]. So my mind was completely against my purpose.” [14:24]


“I cannot be just a jiu jitsu teacher, I had to be a psychologist. Because I have to approach a guy who stands insecure in a different way, than approach a guy who’s just lazy and completely off.” [36:08]


“The real learning of your breathing system is to learn how to maximize your hyperventilation, to cope with the activities you plan to do.” [39:17]


“If you try to hide the emotions from yourself, and try to show everybody you’re okay, you’re just making a patch which is not working. So I have to feel weak and completely vulnerable.” [41:29]


“Today my day is based on what I can do best to make my best day today.” [44:41]


“What was my biggest lost becomes my biggest sign of how I should do to have a happy life” [45:54]


“Nobody could make me what I am if I was not focused and passionate about it.” [47:42]


“I was seeking for things that were giving me chills and emotions and I love to play with nature, because nature is unbreakable, nature is stronger.” [52:22]


“That sparring session can be very positive for some warriors, but can be jeopardizing a lot of guys were not designed to fight” [58:29]


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