Dr. Rishi Desai

Former CDC Intel Officer Dr. Rishi Desai on Why It's Hard to Get a Grip on the Coronavirus Pandemic

By May 7, 2020 Health Theory

Right now people need to know the facts about the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Knowing how the virus actually spreads, how it damages the body on a cellular level, and how it provokes counter-productive immune system responses will help everyone make significantly better decisions about their diet, lifestyle and social activities. On this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Dr. Rishi Desai explains exactly how the coronavirus infects people, what it does to the body’s cells and immune system, the reason why tracking the virus is so difficult, and why it will take time to get a vaccine.



Dr. Rishi Desai explains exactly how the coronavirus infects people [1:37]

Rishi describes how the virus actually damages your body on a cellular level [3:16]

Rishi talks about the effect of humidity on the virus [7:37]

Hospital admissions are a lagging indicator of how many cases there really are [9:23]

The possible reasons for why COVID-19 seems more contagious than other viruses [13:14]

Rishi describes the steps he takes to reduce his chances of getting infected [15:51]

Rishi talks about methods for treating the virus that he has high hopes for [18:15]

Why does diabetes seem to be such a serious risk factor? [19:51]

Rishi explains how cells “communicate” with each other, and why it matters [23:59]

Rishi explains how fluid builds up from severe inflammation, preventing oxygen flow [27:01]

Tom and Rishi discuss why it’s so important to actually understand how the virus works [30:07]

Rishi explains why merely transferring antibodies doesn’t confer immunity [33:40]

Why are vaccines so time-consuming to create? [35:12]

How important is Vitamin-D? [39:52]

You can probably only get too much Vitamin D if you take a pill [43:52]

What is the single most important health change most people should make? [45:30]



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