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Robert Greene on How Lack of Emotional Control Will Ruin You | Conversations with Tom

From the echo chambers of social media to our growing culture of political correctness, our world is constantly conditioning our minds to think and respond a certain way thats detached from rationality. Today, we break free from the chains of conditioned thinking, sharpen our mental awareness, and learn how to utilize our emotions as a strength, rather than a weakness. On this episode of Conversations with Tom, Tom Bilyeu is joined by New York Times and international bestselling author Robert Greene to discuss such matters and more as they explore why today, more than ever, we need to be sharply aware of the political and cultural environments that seek to condition our minds and force us to think irrationally. They discuss why so many behave irrationally today, the power of analyzing your emotions, how todays environment has conditioned our minds, how we can utilize awareness to empower us, how to use anger as a motivator, the dangers of todays culture, the constant need for change, the difference between yesterdays and todays generations, the story of Athena, why life must have both pain and pleasure, and much more.

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Being Irrational | Robert reveals how our emotional brain actually dictates our decisions. [0:21]

Stand Back | Robert reveals the power of stepping back and analyzing your emotions. [5:17]

Practices | Robert reveals how to stop letting your emotional mind control your life. [11:10]

Conditioned | Robert reveals how youve been conditioned by the current environment. [15:10]

Awareness | Robert reveals how to stop letting the world condition you. [21:09]

Power | Robert reveals why we all truly desire and need power to live a healthy life. [25:50]

Shadow Side | Robert reveals how your inner aggressive side influences you. [32:13]

Using Anger | Robert reveals how to use your anger as a powerfully positive force. [40:23]

Todays Culture | Robert reveals how todays PC culture is part of a historical cycle. [49:06]

Revolution | Robert reveals how the United States can possibly see another revolution. [54:40]

Generations | Robert reveals how older generations should interact with todays youth. [56:22]

Change | Robert discusses how change is a much-needed powerful force. [59:36]

Golden Age | Robert discusses the golden age of Athena, strategy, and the classics. [1:07:08]

Anarchy | Robert reveals the surprising positive elements of anarchy and change. [1:16:16]

Dangers | Robert reveals the dangers of cultures that refuse to change or adapt. [1:20:03]

Cultural Direction | Robert reveals the dangers of where PC culture may be leading us. [1:23:53]

Sublime | Robert reveals how sublime is a mixture of pain and pleasure. [1:27:26]

Limitations | Robert reveals how he makes the absolute most out of bad situations. [1:34:44]

Connect | Robert reveals how you can continue to engage with him to learn more. [1:37:41]


They are manipulating you, you are conditioned, you are a prisoner of social media, you are not in control of it. You think youre the one thats posting all these things that you want to post about your life, but really youre not. Youre responding to what everybody else is doing, youre being a conformist.[19:26]

Change is something thats extremely healthy, even if in the moment it feels wrong, or painful, or a step back. In the long run, its always for the better for humanity.[59:24]

Mortality has this ability to sharpen our senses, to sharpen our appreciation of life and that turns the pain into pleasure, but the pain and pleasure always go together.[1:30:00]









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