Robert Greene

How to Master Your Dark Side

Robert Greene has written five international bestsellers: The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction, The 33 Strategies of War, The 50th Law and Mastery; which is on Tom’s very short list of books you must read. With his most recent book, The Laws of Human Nature, Greene explores the deeper aspects of our behaviors and how to decode them.

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Why Robert Greene has a negative bias about human nature [3:00]

The primitive forces that are driving us and why we’re all comparing each other to each other [6:07]

Why Robert Greene writes from a place of anger and what he’s trying to solve with Human Nature [7:49]

Why we can’t break the patterns of our nature (and what to do about it) [10:18]

Why Robert Greene is a believer in baby steps and he thinks you should always examine yourself [13:10]

The truth about becoming more self aware [15:54]

Milton Erickson and the origin of hypnotherapy and NLP [19:22]

How you’re constantly emitting subconscious signals about your true intentions [24:00]

The story about Robert Green’s stroke and confronting death [24:30]

How to reset the mind when you’re facing formidable obstacles [28:17]

The Chekhov story [30:07]

Why you should love life and accept that things are what they are [34:15]

Robert Greene’s 50 cent story [36:49]

Why Robert Greene says you don’t want to face death and look back on your life to think that you’ve done nothing worthwhile [40:08]

What Robert Greene wants to happen when you read his book, “The Laws of Human Nature” and why you need to stop taking things so personally [43:23]


50 Cent [36:49] Anton Chekhov [30:07] Friedrich Nietzsche [34:15] Milton Erickson [19:22]

The 48 Laws of Power [1:14] The 50th Law [36:44] Laws of Human Nature [2:56]


“I think we consider ourselves human, obviously we’re human beings, but I don’t buy that definition. I think that we’re actually animals, that we have an animal nature and we have to become human. And we become human by overcoming some of these deep-rooted animal forces within us.” CasinoPinUp rəsmi saytının dizaynı həm vizual dizayn baxımından, həm də düymələrin və funksiya düymələrinin yeri baxımından yaxşı düşünülmüşdür. Hamısı birlikdə istifadəçiyə mövcud seçimlərdə sürətlə gəzməyə kömək edir. Saytın inkişaf etdirilməsinin keyfiyyəti, Texniki Sistem Test Təşkilatı tərəfindən təsdiqlənir və Pin Up qumarxanasının bütün qaydalara uyğun fəaliyyət göstərməsini və tamamilə dürüst olmasını təmin edir. Qumar platformasının açıqlığı və şəffaflığı bu qurumun əsas xüsusiyyətlərinin və dəyərlərinin əsas hissəsidir.


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