Robert Zembroski

“After Stress Ripped My Immune System to Shreds, I Cured Myself”

By April 11, 2019 Health Theory

This week’s guest on Health Theory is Dr. Robert Zembroski.  He is a physician, nutritionist and cancer survivor. From his experiences rebuilding himself after a cancer diagnosis, he wrote the book, Rebuild: Five Proven Steps To Move From Diagnosis to Recovery And Be Healthier Than Before.  In this episode he talks about why most diseases are self inflicted and how to start looking for answers outside the traditional medical system.


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Why Robert blames himself for his cancer [01:21]

The mindset it takes to battle cancer [05:22]

How to become your own advocate [06:59]

The importance of asking why in order to rebuild your body [08:23]

Why you have to have a vision for better health [12:34]

How to address a real life cancer diagnosis [14:30]

The nutrients you must get to stimulate your immune system [18:09]

How to build the physique of your dreams [22:50]

Why you need to shift your perception of stress [26:06]

How to naturally raise testosterone levels with food [28:39]

The best exercise plan to build muscle [32:02]

How to eat like a varietarian [33:28]

Important testing to check your health [35:10]

Why you shouldn’t care about weight [38:48]

Why lack of physical movement is killing you [41:33]

How to actually assess your health [44:50]








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