Sabrina Kay

How to Deal with Shame, Fear and Guilt

By November 6, 2019 Women of Impact

Serial entrepreneur, fashion designer, philanthropist and educator Sabrina Kay has accomplished more than even she ever expected she could when she immigrated from South Korea to the US. And on her incredible journey she has learned tough lessons about how to deal with shame, depression, big disappointments and catastrophic setbacks. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Sabrina Kay explains how to deal with cultural and family pressures, why education is so valuable, and how to transform fear into light and grace.


Sabrina describes growing up in South Korea and its social and cultural pressures [3:06]

Sabrina explains that she was educated mostly to be able to educate her future children [4:47]

Sabrina shares the story of marrying because she got pregnant [6:23]

Sabrina advocates that her successes were driven by fear [9:08]

Fear gives you hypervigilance, which shows you that opportunities are everywhere [14:15]

Sabrina explains how she chooses which opportunities to pursue [16:07]

Sabrina shares how she dealt with shame and depression [19:03]

Sabrina explains why she went back to school [21:04]

Sabrina claims she wasn’t determined and didn’t have a plan [24:11]

Sabrina explains why she got a PhD while running two businesses [27:37]

Sabrina describes coming to the realization that she is a workaholic [29:43]

Sabrina explains why she cashed out of her investments at the worst time [34:48]

Sabrina talks about being villainized for being successful [36:57]

Sabrina shares her experience with spirituality and meditation [39:42]

Sabrina advocates the necessity of going through suffering [42:37]

Sabrina shares her superpower [43:56]


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