Self-Care Tips and Tactics that You Can Implement Right Now

In times of quarantine, pandemic and isolation, self-care is more important than ever. During crises like these, all of us need to be willing to prioritize ourselves in order to keep everyone else healthy. As a result, Impact Theory has compiled an episode featuring extraordinary clips from some amazing guests on the topic of self-care. Les Brown, Kelly McGonigal, Cal Newport, Lori Harder, Brendon Burchard, Tucker Max, Ed Mylett, and James Altucher, along with host Tom Bilyeu, share stories, tips and tactics on how to best take care of yourself. Find out how to get out from under negative self-talk, see why staying physically active is so critical, and watch a powerful example of why we all need to remain grateful for what we do have.


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Les Brown explains why you need to believe that you can get out from under the labels [1:36]

How you live your life is a result of the story you tell yourself about yourself [3:27]

Kelly McGonigal explains why movement is so critical to mental well-being [4:43]

Other than thinking and planning, everything we do is a form of physical movement [6:23]

Cal Newport talks about why we need to take breaks from social media [7:42]

How to regain your solitude and carve out time for yourself [9:33]

Lori Harder advocates staying in touch with your playful, goofy side [10:31]

Brendon Burchard describes his methods for forming and keeping great relationships [14:15]

Tucker Max explains why you have to connect to and acknowledge your emotions [17:27]

Tucker shares his story of psychoanalysis and the value of a non-judgmental mirror [19:00]

Ed Mylett advocates the power and necessity of stacking gratitude [20:24]

James Altucher shares his story of learning to deal with failure and depression [22:42]


“Life is going to beat up on you in so many ways. Negative thoughts and how you feel about yourself. They don’t die. They come back once you stop doing the maintenance work on your mind.” Les Brown [4:26]

“Human beings, as individuals and as a species, we thrive when we are active.” Kelly McGonagil [6:06]

“I repel all the jerks.” Brendon Burchard [16:29]

“Every day I think, am I eliminating toxic people from my life and focusing on positive people who I love and want to support, and they love and want to support me?” James Altucher [25:22]


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