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Why You've Been Lied to About Where to Put Your Time, Energy, & Focus | Seth Godin on Impact Theory

By December 1, 2020 Featured

Are you struggling to accomplish your goals because you’re so focused on the outcome? If something “fails” or isn’t a “success,” do you let that eat away at your motivation and define who you are? It’s time for you to throw away everything you’ve learned about success and begin to shift your mindset to focus on your effort in everything you do, rather than the outcome. On this episode of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu is joined by author, entrepreneur, and teacher Seth Godin to discuss such matters and more as they explore why you need to stop focusing on outcomes and begin focusing on your efforts. They discuss why we’re all brainwashed from an early age, the power of streaks, feedback, and criticism, how to move through life with intention, why you have to put your work ‘on the hook,’ how to act with generosity, why making new mistakes is moves you closer to your goal, how to overcome imposter syndrome, and the power of having a group around you to provide constructive criticism.

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Outcome vs Effort | Seth discusses his book and “showing your bad.” [1:01]

Brainwashed | Seth shares how we’ve become brainwashed without knowing it. [2:15]

Changing Lives | Seth discusses his new book and the time taken to write it. [3:35]

Streaks | Seth shares the power of getting feedback and criticism on your work. [5:53]

Intention | Seth discusses how to move towards goals with intention. [7:35]

On the Hook | Seth shares why you should put your work ‘on the hook.’ [9:21]

Generosity | Seth tells a fishing story and the purpose of being connected to your work.  [11:10]

Real Life | Seth discusses how to practically build your ‘art’ into a way of income. [14:00]

Self | Seth discusses why you need to trust yourself. [17:58]

Behavior | Seth discusses why changing your behavior changes your identity. [19:59]

Passion | Seth shares why passion is a choice and how to choose it. [21:24]

Better | Seth discusses the power of ‘seeing’ and developing ‘good taste.’ [25:32 ]

New Mistakes | Seth shares how to move closer and closer to your goals. [28:12]

Imposter Syndrome | Seth discusses the power of verbalizing. [33:08]

Dangers | Seth discusses why always being authentic has its downfalls. [38:14]

Feeling Alive | Seth discusses the purpose of our lives that gives us meaning and joy. [42:46]

Feedback | Seth shares how to let your guard down so that you can take criticism. [40:39]

Build Your Group | Seth discusses the people who’s feedback you should be listening to. [44:14]

Bitterness | Miles Davis and the rabbit hole he got stuck in that turned him bitter. [47:43]

Mindset | Seth shares how he approaches people, life, and our abilities. [51:25]

Takeaway | Seth shares what he hopes you takeaway from today’s discussion. [55:17]

Connect | Seth shares ways you can continue to follow his work and to stay connected. [56:10]


“The practice is not the means to the output. The practice is the output, because the practice is all we can control.” [6:42]

“Doing the work changes our story about the work and I think it’s so much more reliable, and so much easier, to love what you do than it is to do what you love.” [21:48]

“Consistency is part of being peculiar. Consistently generous, consistently showing up, rhyming with yourself in a way that you’re proud of but no, not authentic. You’re not entitled.” [38:44]








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