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Can the Carnivore Diet Fend Off Disease and Aging?

By January 30, 2020 Health Theory

Dr. Shawn Baker is an extraordinarily accomplished athlete, but he is best known as one of the foremost advocates of the carnivore diet. On this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Shawn Baker addresses the controversy surrounding the carnivore diet, and perhaps surprisingly, does not advocate that every single person ought to go full carnivore. But he does explain the evolutionary logic behind the carnivore diet, describes its benefits, and makes a strong case that people need to take responsibility for their own health instead of delegating that responsibility to professionals.



Shawn discusses the controversy surrounding the carnivore diet [0:40]

There is no doubt that humans are omnivorous, but how suitable are most foods? [2:24]

If at age 85 you can run 100 meters in 15 seconds, you’re probably doing things right [3:40]

Shawn describes his methods of holding back aging [4:40]

Shawn believes that not everyone needs to use a carnivore diet [5:33]

Why you should chase health and not lab values [6:02]

Why is sexual function important? [8:37]

Yes, you can gain muscle at any age [10:20]

Strength is much more important than size when it comes to muscle [12:03]

The very first animals were carnivorous, and early humans were primarily carnivorous [14:00]

Shawn describes what a basic human diet probably was thousands of years ago [18:34]

Shawn speculates on why seed oil is so dangerous [20:02]

Tom discusses his own transformative dietary journey [22:42]

Shawn describes the absolute requirements for the human diet [26:15]

The truth about why diets fail [27:24]

Shawn discusses a forth-coming study on the carnivore diet [29:21]

Tom and Shawn talk about how to measure improvements in health [31:58]

Shawn addresses questions about whether people should eat organ meat [35:28]

Shawn describes his experience in the military [37:51]

Shawn talks about becoming somewhat immune to trauma as a war-time surgeon [39:59]

Shawn learned how to improvise and think on his feet in war [41:45]

What is one change people can make that would most improve their health? [45:03]







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