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Get Your Biology to Work for You Instead of Against You | Steven Kotler on Conversations with Tom

Do you feel as if you have plateaued in life and are finding it difficult to grow beyond your current state? Do you want to unlock your full potential within, achieve peak performance, and truly become your optimal self? On this episode of Conversations with Tom, New York Times bestselling author, speaker, award-winning journalist and the Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective Steven Kotler joins Tom Bilyeu to discuss such matters and more as they explore how you can set forth a plan to overcoming your limitations and truly unlock your best-optimal self. They discuss what the habit of inferiority is, the powerful philosophy of Nietzsche, the skills needed to master peak performance, the importance of setting goals, the beauty of overcoming hard things, where wisdom truly comes from, how to avoid calcification of your imagination, why you sometimes need to think inside the box, the connection between creativity and your mood, and much more.

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Inferiority | Steven breaks down what the habit of inferiority is. [0:16]

Nietzsche | Steven discusses the philosophy of becoming extraordinary. [2:50]

Superman | Steven discusses how Nietzsche defined becoming your best version. [6:33]

Skills | Steven discusses what we must master to achieve peak performance. [8:52]

Art | Steven reveals why he believes peak performance is more of an art than a science. [11:19]

Hard-Wired | Steven reveals why biology, not personality, scales. [15:58]

Flow | Steven reveals the five key flow triggers to pursuing your optimal self. [21:27]

Goals | Steven reveals the power of setting goals and how to approach them. [28:50]

Hard Things | Steven reveals why we are hard-wired to overcome difficult things. [30:18]

Handling Criticism | Steven reveals how he overcomes adversity and push-back. [35:09]

Direction | Steven shares how to not get knocked away from your conviction. [39:17]

Development | Steven shares whats special about his early years in life. [44:14]

Growing | Steven shares how as we grow older, who we are becomes clearer. [49:46]

Wisdom | Steven discusses what wisdom and genius truly is and how to attain it. [52:33]

Imagination | Steven reveals how to avoid the calcification of imagination. [56:25]

Disagreement | Steven shares how he approaches criticism within his team. [58:40]

Journey | Steven shares his journey to finding his purpose. [1:01:03]

Art | Steven shares some of the craziest performance art hes experienced. [1:03:30]

Inside The Box | Steven discusses how you can hack your own creativity. [1:18:20]

Creativity | Steven reveals the connection between your mood and creativity. [1:14:23]

Substances | Steven reveals if substances can expand your mind and creativity. [1:20:40]

Connect | Steven shares how you can connect and continue to follow him. [1:29:59]


Man is something to overcome. What have you done today to overcome him?[7:22]

Goal setting is both about driving motivation and filtering reality. Our goals filter our reality. When you dont have goals set properly, you will not notice the opportunities, like you literally wont see them…”[41:16]

When youre young, your potential is infinite. You can be anything really. You could be Einstein. You might be DiMaggio..[51:38]










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