T-Boz on How TLC Became the Baddest, Best-Selling Girl Group of All Time

By most measures, TLC was the most successful girl group in popular music history. And T Boz, the “T” in TLC, attained that success while dealing with sickle cell anemia, overcoming the usual doubters and haters, and shutting up everyone who tried to tell her that she should fit into the stereotypical roles that women are encouraged to play. On this episode of Women of Impact, Lisa Bilyeu gets to interview one of her childhood heroes, the incredibly resilient and cheerfully outspoken T Boz. They discuss living with chronic illness, the importance of not holding grudges, and why it’s so important to believe in yourself when others doubt you.



T Boz credits her mother as the primary reason for her incredibly resilient mindset [2:36]

When people try to discourage you they are projecting their fears onto you [5:20]

T Boz says that, for her, she needs to be the leader [8:58]

You have to start by believing in yourself, because other people will not believe in you [11:37]

T Boz explains that she turned down some hit songs because they didn’t fit her [15:30]

What really matters is whether you are proud of your work and the way you live your life [18:56]

TLC came back after severe hardships because they still had something to say [20:53]

T Boz explains why she doesn’t hold grudges [23:04]

T Boz discusses the ways she deals with being hurt and getting angry [25:31]

T Boz talks about the consequences of trying to ignore her sickle cell anemia [28:38]

T Boz didn’t talk about her illness because she didn’t want people pitying her [34:10]

When you’re chronically ill, it affects everything you do [37:13]

T Boz talks about why she started her natural products line, TLCBD [39:55]

T Boz shares her superpower [43:04]



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