Taylor Wilson

Why Genius Doesn't Matter

At the age of 14 Taylor Wilson became the 32nd person in human history to achieve nuclear fusion. By the time he reached high school, he’d acquired a deep knowledge base in at least 20 fundamental fields of science and engineering. Taylor also developed a medical device that dramatically lowered the cost of cancer detection. Yet he humbly attributes his success to having insatiable passion and curiosity, not aptitude. Get to know the man that Time Magazine called the next Einstein in this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.


  1. “I really believe the best way to learn about a topic is to learn the history.”[4:28]
  2. “Being able to be in the room with someone who has knowledge about something that I don’t is the best feeling in the world.” [11:52]
  3. “If you’re truly curious and you’re truly passionate about something it doesn’t feel like work. You’ll do what it takes to become good at something.” [13:08]
  4. “Energy is the currency of our everyday lives.” [29:20]
  5. “It’s very hard to be inspired to do something when you can’t really see yourself doing it.” [41:12]

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Taylor gives away the step-by-step process to doing the impossible. [3:11]

Taylor walks through his learning process and understanding the personality behind the discoveries. [7:10]

Taylor addresses the credibility gap and gives the key to becoming good at anything. [10:45]

Tom and Taylor dig into the notion that curiosity and passion trumps aptitude. [15:49]

Taylor breaks down how to identify your passion and the life-changing event that shaped his mission. [18:08]

Taylor shares insight into his energy projects and the window they open into the future. [23:00]

Tom and Taylor discuss the role that media plays in science and the ability to communicate knowledge. [26:28]

Taylor dives into his passion around reactor development and the currency of energy. [29:14]

Taylor comments on the research, responsibility, and risks associated with artificial intelligence. [34:16]

Taylor mentions giving his future children access to information and fueling their curiosity. [38:26]

Taylor talks about radical innovations and the importance of questioning the

seemingly impossible. [42:10]

Tom and Taylor go deep on why science is built on curiosity and how failure drives innovation. [45:19]

Taylor defines the impact that he wants to have on the world. [48:18]




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