Teddi Mellencamp

The Next Time You Feel Like a Hot Mess, Just Remember This One Thing

Accountability coach Teddi Mellencamp has changed the lives of over 10,000 people with ALL IN by Teddi, and in the process built that company into a multi-million dollar juggernaut. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, the Real Housewives star shares the story of her own journey to becoming accountable, discusses why you have to be authentic and vulnerable in your relationships, and explains why every morning she writes down her three non-negotiables for the day.


Teddi shares the consequences of believing that only winning matters [2:13]

Teddi used to take everything personally because she wasn’t taking accountability [4:55]

“Every day I write down my 3 non-negotiables for the day.” [6:40]

Teddi no longer competes with other people. Now she competes with herself. [7:23]

Take small steps each day that feel right to you [8:31]

Be vulnerable with your circle, and write down your goals to keep yourself accountable [9:59]

You have to figure out what formula works for you [14:15]

If you’re being authentic you can always deal with your mistakes [15:39]

Teddi discusses why setting boundaries in your relationships is so important [19:17]

Teddi talks about why she tells her kids the whole truth about difficult situations [24:45]

Teddi explains the difference between blame and accountability [28:02]

What to do when you ask a question and you get an answer you don’t want [30:34]

How to identify the moments when your behavior needs to change [35:28]

Teddi and Lisa discuss how they keep improving their relationships [39:04]

Teddi shares her superpower [45:59]



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