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Top 9 Thought Leaders In the World Share The Best Advice For Motivating Yourself

Recently Success Magazine honored it’s “New Thought Leaders”, a group of influencers who can lead you to your brightest future. This episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu features nine of the other leaders on that list: Gabby Bernstein, Lewis Howes, Brendon Burchard, Trent Shelton, Rachel Hollis, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, Jay Shetty, and Marie Forleo. They discuss their most heartbreaking losses, their most profound failures, and their toughest battles. And of course, they explain how they overcame their struggles. Find out how to deal with even severe mental illness, what the one belief is that unlocks all other useful beliefs, some surprising secrets to achieving truly extraordinary things, and why sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is, “I need help.”

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Gabby Bernstein shares why even in deep depression she celebrated good things [1:20]

Gabby and Tom discuss depression, medication, and spirituality [3:34]

Lewis Howes explains that his ambition came from the need to be accepted [5:09]

Brendon Burchard says his community keeps him going and pushes him forward [7:54]

Trent Shelton’s only real fear is to succeed at the wrong things [11:20]

You’ll never win the war until you face reality head on [13:13]

Rachel Hollis shares the story of his brother’s suicide [14:44]

Gary Vaynerchuk is fully in love everyone he encounters, including himself [21:13]

Tim Ferriss explains why you should set really low expectations [24:27]

Tim defines “writer’s block” as self-imposed performance anxiety [27:00]

Jay Shetty explains how to find your passion and fix your relationships [28:48]

Marie Forleo shares the one belief that unlocks all the other important beliefs [33:37]



“Feeling isolated as a child, to my mind, is the scariest thing because that leads to depression.” [6:10]

“You’ll never win your war by running from your battles.” [13:24]

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