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SECRETS from Kobe Bryant’s & Michael Jordan's Trainer on Building an UNBEATABLE MINDSET | Tim Grover

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As you reflect on your business, career, and personal life; where are you winning, and where have you been losing lately? Whether you choose to see the pursuit of success and greatness as a game or not, the reality is there is a cost to play. In this episode, I’m joined by the legendary and iconic trainer, Tim Grover. He authored one of my favorite books, Relentless, and is releasing another book that will change your life called, Winning. He redefines winning in a way that embraces the discomfort of sitting with your losses. If you’re in it to win it, the hard truths Tim drops here about embracing the dark side and making sure your mind is stronger than your feelings will leave you supercharged and ready to attack winning with a new perspective.

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Winning | Tim dispels what winning is and why you need to know how to lose to win [2:09]

Seeing Inside | Tim on looking internally for the truth stopping your wins [6:07]

Winning Flaws | Tim reveals the difference between flaws and weaknesses [7:27]

Weakness | Tim on how to leverage and identify your weaknesses to get better [10:38]

The Process | Time on why the process is not about emotion, it’s about getting it done [14:41]

Pursue the Win | Tim on why not pursuing or seeing the wins every day is an illness [19:49]

Confidence | Tim breaks down how winning plays a role in increasing confidence [23:43]

Dark Side | Tim explains how using every tool available includes using the dark side [30:54]

Fear of Success | Tim on what happens when your feelings are stronger than your mind [42:02]

Cost of Great | Tim reveals the pain that playing to win can cost you and loved ones [45:45]

Becoming Great | Tim’s tips for finding your own path to winning and trusting yourself [51:45]



Winning is not about the trophy and the accolades. It’s about the grind. It’s about the obstacles. It’s about the challenges. It’s about the pain that you endure along the way. “ [2:10]


“Everybody wants to win, but in order to know how to win, you got to know how to lose because you’re going to lose more than you’re going to win.” [3:40]


“Your flaws are your gift and people are so busy trying to deal with their flaws and change their flaws when their flaws are actually what allows them to stay in that race.” [7:46]


“These are the things that allow me to be different. It’s what allows me to be unique because winning wants you to be different.” [9:22]


“You got to love the process. I agree with that, but I also kind of disagree with that because to me, you have to do the process. The process is non-negotiable.” [14:46]


“The process is a non-negotiable thing. The end result is not always there. That win isn’t always there”  [15:42]


“…if a new day starts in the dark, why are you afraid to use your dark side for your new beginnings?” [33:26]


“Your mind will make a decision. [….] Your feelings always make suggestions.” [44:39]


“You have too many individuals out there that are not writing their own story. They’re letting other people write those stories for them.” [50:30]


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