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How to Shake Off Your Insecurities and Walk With Confidence

Do you struggle with low confidence when talking to a potential love interest? Do you find yourself wallowing in your insecurities, telling yourself that you’re not good enough for them? Well, now is the time to stop. You need to suck it up, own your insecurities, and shift you focus towards positivity and confidence so that you can develop a happy and healthy relationship. On this episode of Relationship Theory, Tom and Lisa Bilyeu sit down to discuss such matters and more as they explore the importance of confidence in any relationship and how you can move away from a place of insecurity and towards a place of positivity. They discuss how to talk to women when lacking confidence, ways to develop confidence, how all of us have insecurities and ways to overcome them, why you shouldn’t obsess over your insecurities, and how to shift your focus onto productive and positive thoughts.


Talking | Tom and Lisa discuss the best skills needed when talking to a future partner. [0:13]

Confidence | Tom and Lisa reveal the importance of confidence when talking to women. [1:55]

Insecurities | Tom and Lisa discuss insecurities and why you shouldn’t obsess over them. [4:02]

Fine Lines | Tom shares the differences between owning and obsessing over insecurities. [5:55]

Emotions | Lisa shares a story of when emotions began taking hold of her insecurities. [10:31]

Focus | Tom discusses the importance of shifting your focus towards positive thoughts. [12:46]


“It is okay, be insecure about that thing. Don’t wallow in it and take action about it.” [7:14]

“Absolutely no good behavior comes from obsessively thinking about something that you’re insecure about it. So do something to address or move on.” [10:23]

“Don’t approach things to want to get the compliment by putting yourself down.” [12:04]










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