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These Relationship Hacks Will Help You Navigate Through Anything

Normally, people are twice as happy and find their lives much more meaningful when they are with their spouse. However, current quarantines may be causing stress for some couples. The sheer amount of time spent together is uncharted territory for many relationships. On this episode of Women of Impact, host Lisa Bilyeu and her husband Tom Bilyeu discuss the tactics, strategies and rules of engagement they have used to keep their relationship strong and growing for 19 years and counting. They discuss how to avoid letting the small things frustrate you, how to lift each other up, and how to hopefully find a way to make this surprise quarantine fun and empowering.



How do you avoid getting annoyed with each other over small things? [3:39]

How to view everything that happens as practice, and then make it fun [5:50]

Don’t tell me I’ve done something wrong after I’ve done it [9:06]

Why you have to take responsibility for yourself instead of matching negative energy [10:23]

It’s OK to match your partner’s righteous indignation, but not their anxiety [12:42]

Do not tell someone they are being irrational. Wait for emotional sobriety [16:31]

How do you make space for yourself in a situation that seems impossible? [17:37]

How do you deal with a partner who isn’t willing to do the work in a relationship? [21:26]

Lisa talks about writing her “quarantine script” in real time [23:38]

What would need to be true for this experience to be positive? [25:08]

Why you shouldn’t let “dust settle” [27:06]

You have to know exactly why things are bothering you [28:38]

How to talk to someone who is agitated without getting them even more angry [31:55]

What is one thing couples can do right now to get stronger? [34:35]

Why you absolutely must take selfish time [37:13]

Tom and Lisa used to do relationship theory, which you can still find on YouTube [39:21]













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