Tom Bilyeu Q&A

8 Keys to Overcoming Your Procrastination

Procrastination, indecision, and the challenges we face when following through with our goals. What are powerful steps we can take today to overcome these setbacks, why do we tend lose our motivation and focus halfway towards our goals in the first-place, and how can we adopt a growth mindset that keeps us from losing motivation in the future? On this episode of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu sits down to discuss such matters and more as he addresses your submitted questions on overcoming procrastination, staying focused, and taking action towards your goals. He discusses finding time in your busy schedule to stay productive, how to turn wants into needs, how to establish rules in your life to stay on track, ways to tackle your insecurity and fall in love with the process, how to overcome indecision and begin moving towards your goals, and the importance of turning off notifications and having no distractions.

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Finding Time | Tom shares strategies on maximizing hustle time to focus on productivity. [0:38]

What do You Value? | Tom discusses how to stay motivated and focused on your goals. [6:23]

Wants & Needs | Tom shares how to hack your mind and turn wants into needs. [11:50]

Establishing Rules | Tom shares the importance of setting rules for your life. [17:48]

Skills Have Utility | Tom reveals how to keep reading and absorbing knowledge. [22:18]

Tackling Insecurity | Tom shares why you need to focus on what you can become. [25:59]

Overcoming Indecision | Tom reveals the importance of trying, failing, and going again. [32:00]

Turn Off Notifications | Tom discusses the importance of working without distractions. [37:30]

Go Get It | Tom describes the criteria needed when setting your goals. [42:10]




“…there needs to be two things true about the goals you’re trying to accomplish. One, they need to honorable and, two, they need to be exciting.” [7:38]


“You’re hopelessly average, amazing. And now it’s about recognizing that the average human being is designed to learn and grow and to get better. And so now it’s a question of how do we put enough time and energy into something to actually get better at that thing. And that really is the key that we want to focus on.” [28:54]


“The only thing I think people should fear is standing still. So, I’ve often said that, “Running a thousand miles an hour in the wrong direction is better than standing still.”” [33:34]







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