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How to Long Distance Date the Right Way | Relationship Theory

Are you about to enter a long-distance relationship or are currently in one and are feeling the draining pressures of being apart? Are you looking for practical help on how to deal with lthedistance in a way that leaves both you and your partner satisfied, week-after-week? On this episode of Relationship Theory, Lisa and Tom Bilyeu sit down to discuss such matters and more as they explore the difficulties of long-distance dating and why you have to be willing to get into the deep-details of both your needs as well as your partner’s. They discuss how to know if they’re just not willing to put in the work, how to maintain each other’s needs while doing long-distance, ways to establish what’s important to each other, and how to lay out the ‘non-negotiable’ aspects of the relationship.


Long Distance | Lisa and Tom address a sticky long distance relationship. [1:29]

Make It Work | Lisa and Tom discuss the best ways to work through long distance. [1:57]

Importance | Lisa shares how she approached communication with Tom when apart. [4:23]

Non-Negotiable | Lisa shares the importance of knowing each other’s expectations. [7:18]


“You may have to accept that he’s just not that into you and that that’s why he’s saying, “Oh, I don’t think my lifestyle will be good,” because he just isn’t in it enough for him to suffer through the things that he would have to suffer through for it to work.” [1:34]

“…you just start laying it all out so that you know exactly what’s a win for the other person—you know what’s needed from an emotional standpoint. It’s all hammered out.” [3:15]










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