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How to Make Sure Your In-Laws Needs Are Met | Relationship Theory

Scheduling time for your in-laws can be a difficult, sticky, and sometimes uncomfortable situation depending on your relationship with them. Should this sometimes confusingresponsibility of arranging family time with in-laws fall on your shoulders or your partner’s? On this episode of Relationship Theory, Lisa and Tom Bilyeu sit down to discuss such matters and more as they explore who is responsible for reaching out to each other’s in-laws to arrange quality time together. They discuss their own individual perspectives of their in-laws, who is responsible for setting up family time with in-laws, why communication is key, gender roles and belief systems, and why you should be mindful of your needs as well as your family’s.


Responsibilities | Lisa and Tom discuss who should reach out to in-laws to arrange time to spend together. [0:16]

Perspectives | Lisa shares her perspective of when running the household and reaching out to in-laws. [3:20]

Reaching Out | Tom and Lisa discuss how they handle reaching out to their own in-laws. [4:41]

Apart | Tom shares how he would feel when having time apart from Lisa. [8:26]

Communicate | Tom discusses why people on both sides need to come together to communicate better. [9:02]

Roles | Lisa and Tom discuss addressing your in-laws’ belief systems of gender roles. [9:50]

Needs | Lisa shares how she approached her mother in-law’s needs as well as her own. [11:37]


“If somebody told me that they spend as little time talking to their significant other as I spend talking to my family, I’d be like, “Wow, that’s so dangerous.”” [7:42]

“If they ended up getting upset, it’s like I would apologize for making them feel like that but I wouldn’t necessarily change my actions if I really believed in what I was doing.” [13:01]










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