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Why Your Partner is Threatened by Your Personal Growth | Relationship Theory

Are you putting in the effort to improve yourself, grow, change for the better, and move further in life but your partner is remaining stagnant while criticizing your progress? On this episode of Relationship Theory, Lisa and Tom Bilyeu sit down to discuss such matters and more as they explore how to handle times when your partner isnt supporting your journey of adopting a growth-mindset and self-development. They discuss how to approach your partner when theyre simply not interested in growing, why a build up of relationship dust may be at play, why feelings need to be honored, how to handle criticism and heckling from your partner, and why theres power in having empathy for your partner as you grow right in front of them.


Disconnect | Lisa and Tom discuss when your partner isnt interested in self-development. [0:36]

Dust | Tom and Lisa discuss what to do if your partner doesnt have a growth mindset. [1:47]

How You Feel | Tom and Lisa the most powerful thing in your relationship. [4:31]

Predictable | Tom and Lisa discuss how your partners reaction should be predictable. [6:19]

Good for Them | Lisa and Tom discuss how a growth mindset would benefit everyone. [8:10]

Ownership | Tom and Lisa discuss why you just have to accept your partners responses. [8:49]

Empathize | Lisa and Tom share why you need to have empathy for your partner. [10:22]


Letting go of stuff, really letting it go, its like the relationship superpower.[2:44]

“…and if you really have a growth mindset, you know that the other person probably has a fixed mindset. If you have a growth mindset, youre not judging them for that and if they have a fixed mindset, you know that they feel judged.[6:50]










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