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Why You Need To Be Brutally Honest About Your Values | Relationship Theory

Are you wondering what the most crucial core values are in establishing a healthy relationship or marriage? When it comes down to it, its about your ability to communicate your most important values with each other and establishing a way to honor them every day. On this episode of Relationship Theory, Lisa and Tom Bilyeu sit down to discuss such matters and more as they explore what the most important values you need to be aware of with your partner and how to communicate them in an open and honest way. They discuss why you have to be vulnerable and open up with your partner, why you have to hold onto your passions, why recognizing beauty and attractiveness should be normalized, what unconditional love really means, why you need to embrace commitment, how to overcome feelings of jealousy, and much more.


Core Values | Tom shares the important values you need to communicate. [0:30]

Insecurity | Tom and Lisa discuss why you have to be vulnerable in a relationship. [3:52]

Passion | Tom shares the importance of holding onto your passions. [4:30]

Powerful | Lisa discusses seeing attractive people and still choosing your partner. [4:55]

Unconditional | Tom and Lisa discuss the true important things that matter. [6:46]

Embrace It | Lisa and Tom share why you have to get committed. [7:40]

Jealousy | Lisa shares why you should never fear jealousy in your relationship. [10:45]

Secure | Tom shares why you have to make your partner feel safe and secure. [12:14]


“…at the end of the day, theres got to be things that you guys share, that youre really clicking on, that youre both passionate about, that you come alive when you talk about, that youre going to be able to enjoy together…” [4:40]

Being in a relationship should make you feel better about yourself. Period.[9:15]










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