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Why Your Constant Need for Validation Will End Your Relationship | Relationship Theory

Are you struggling with an inner negative voice that tells you, Youre not good enough,and makes you feel insecure around your partner? Its time, here and now, for you to shake off and silence that destructive way of thinking and step into a mindset of growth and positivity so that your relationship thrives in the long-term. On this episode of Relationship Theory, Lisa and Tom Bilyeu sit down to discuss such matters and more as they explore how you can get out of your own head, shake off and silence your inner negative voice, and adopt a growth mindset within your relationship. They discuss why its critical you break any patterns of negative thinking, the importance of being real and openly honest with your partner, how to allow your partner to challenge you in healthy ways, the power of adopting a student mentality, and why loving the process is a non-negotiable when pursuing your passions.


Breaking Patterns | Lisa and Tom discuss how to silence your inner negative voice. [0:34]

Being Real | Lisa and Tom discuss why you need to encourage honesty. [3:42]

Make Each Other Better | Lisa shares her story of overcoming feelings of inferiority. [4:53]

Student Mentality | Tom and Lisa discuss how you can learn from your partner. [8:19]

Love the Process | Tom and Lisa shares why you need to absolutely love the process. [9:24]


Theres nothing, nothing, worse in the long run than someone who is emotionally needy all the time. We all just have to step up, we all have to learn to love ourselves and be proud of ourselves. We cannot turn for external validation for that. Its not a good look…” [2:40]

If you dont love the process in and of itself, dont do it, dont go down the road…” [11:31]










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