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The First Step to Repairing Trust in Any Relationship | Relationship Theory

Do you struggle with trust issues? Did your last relationship scar you from ever trusting or putting yourself out there again? On this episode of Relationship Theory, Lisa and Tom Bilyeu sit down to discuss such matters and more as they explore how to overcome your lingering trust issues so that you can start to put yourself out there again and find love. They discuss what may be causing your trust issues, why finding love requires being vulnerable, why the little things in a relationship build trust, and how to set rules in your relationship to maintain trust for years to come.


Trust | Tom and Lisa discuss how to overcome your own trust issues. [0:28]

Love | Lisa and Tom recall a time in their relationship when they first said, I love you.[5:26]

Be Willing | Tom and Lisa discuss why you have to be willing to get hurt again. [6:37]

Divorce | Tom and Lisa discuss why even saying the D wordis difficult for them. [8:08]

Little Things | Lisa and Tom discuss how the little things that build trust. [12:25]

Rules | Tom and Lisa discuss how to know what rules to set in a relationship. [13:50]


If somebody comes into the relationship and theyre badmouthing their ex and theyre talking all kinds of shit, then just assume thats exactly how they will be about you when you break up. So remember, you dont divorce the same person that you marry.[4:51]

If you know that love is brain chemistry, then you have to learn to take control of your brain chemistry and learn to recapture and recreate moments that make you feel that, cause it wont happen accidentally. Its like happiness. Happiness and love are very similar in that sense that if you dont work at it, its not going to happen.[9:42]










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