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How to Pick the Right Partner For a Lifetime of Love | Relationship Theory

Are you still questioning whether your partner is 100% right for you? Do you sense a difference in your core values and arent sure if your relationship will go the distance? On this episode of Relationship Theory, Lisa and Tom Bilyeu sit down to discuss such matters and more as they explore the importance of knowing if your partner is the right one for you and why you need to have clear and open communication about your shared values. They discuss the importance of selecting the right partner, understanding your differences, why you need to share the same core values, the power of communication, and why changing over time with your partner can be expected.


Selection | Tom and Lisa discuss the importance of selecting the right partner for you. [0:28]

Yin & Yang | Tom and Lisa discuss the importance of always sharing core values. [2:56]

Finding Each Other | Tom and Lisa discuss the experience of their early relationship. [5:00]

Making It Work | Tom and Lisa discuss their connection despite early differences. [6:40]

Communicate | Tom and Lisa discuss the importance of having deep communication. [9:29]

Changes | Tom and Lisa discuss the difference between change and influence. [11:35]


We understood very early on that you either grow together or you grow apart.[2:36]

Once you get to the way things ought to be and you have a collision there. So, I understand your position, you understand mine, but I think youre crazy and you think Im crazy.Thats where it gets dangerous. You can have some you will have some but if you have too many and you dont know how to navigate, or compartmentalize, or say, Hey, cool like well put that on the back burner,youre going to have a real problem.”  [4:37]

“…from the beginning, I think you have to establish communication with your partner, even when you have to say the hard things.[9:33]










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