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The Uncomfortable Truth About Why You and Your Partner Struggle to Communicate | Relationship Theory

Are you and your partner struggling to have a deep and meaningful level of communication? Have emotions taken over your conversations and you cant seem to achieve a break through? On this episode of Relationship Theory, Lisa and Tom Bilyeu sit down to discuss such matters and more as they share their key communication techniques they find the most effective towards having a strong and healthy relationship. They discuss how they navigate moments of sticky communication, how emotions can skew your mind, the importance of being vulnerable with your partner, why you sometimes need to let your partner go crazy, how to help your partner during emotional times, why its always on you to improve, and how to learn from your past.


Communicate | Lisa and Tom share how they navigate sticky moments of communication. [0:31]

Emotional | Lisa and Tom discuss how little things over time can influence your emotions. [3:39]

Sanity Check | Tom reveals how Lisa keeps him from going too far into something. 7:20]

Vulnerable | Lisa and Tom reveal the importance of being open with each other. [9:21]

Crazy | Tom and Lisa reveal why you sometimes need to let your partner go all out. [11:38]

Help | Lisa and Tom discuss how to help your partner during emotional times. [15:36]

Its on You | Tom and Lisa reveal why at the end of the day, its on you to step up. [16:59]

Your Past | Lisa and Tom reveal why learning from the past is crucial to growth. [18:20]


In those moments, when someone says, Youre just being emotional, its your hormones,you want to fight back and say, Stop using that as an excuse as a defense mechanism,right? Stop deflecting, alright? Stop trying to blame me that its my emotions.No, you actually did this. [6:50]

You have to let the person, like, really go deep into crazy-land, before you say, Youre being crazy…” [12:53]










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