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How to Rebuild Trust After it's Broken | Relationship Theory

The road to recovery once trust has been broken in a relationship can be long and painful for everyone involved. In this episode Tom and Lisa take a look from both sides of the one betrayed and the betrayer. Healing is a process and once that cannot be rushed, but is it more painful for the person who needs to forgive or the person that needs to earn back the trust that has been damaged? Regardless what side of the fence you are on, this conversation offers hard truths on both sides to consider. Letting go is easier said than done, and necessary if there is to be any recovery and future there after.



Getting past betrayal requires you to let it go [1:12]

The challenge of being remorseful and changing your behavior [2:08]

What the cycle of not letting go potentially looks like for the average person [3:22]

Knowing how to actually let it go [4:29]

Holding on to betrayal and not allowing yourself to heal [5:54]

Taking ownership of the betrayal to regain your power and not be the victim [6:32]

How to deal with letting go when it’s stills fresh [7:32]



“Almost more of the work is on the side of the person that has to do the forgiving because you actually have to let it go” Tom Bilyeu [1:42]


“If it’s a mutually recognized betrayal, she knows she’s in the right, he knows he’s in the wrong. So, how do you meet again as equals?” Tom Bilyeu [5:40]


“If you haven’t healed it’s like a wound that keeps on bleeding” Lisa Bilyeu [5:58]



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