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2 Tips for Productive Fighting | Relationship Theory

How many times have you or your partner made a disagreement worse because you want to address the issue at different times? One of you wants to talk about it immediately while the other needs to walk away and take time to decompress before saying another word. Neither approach is right or wrong, but the opposite responses can make matters worse. In this episode Tom and Lisa share their power couple tips on how to avoid the added stress that comes with two radically different approaches. Make sure you take the necessary time and steps before your next heated discussion.



Rules of Engagement | Tom explains why rules of engagement when you’re emotionally sober are a must [00:42]

Love Reminders | Lisa explains idea of reminders used to signal your partner in heated moments [2:53]



“Don’t balance it, agree ahead of time like what your rule of engagement is.” Tom Bilyeu [00:42]


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