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What to Do When Your Partner is Being Petty | Relationship Theory

You know those times in your relationship when you are being so petty about something, and still you just can’t help yourself? You try to self-soothe and correct your behavior, but can’t put a finger on exactly why you feel this way. What’s the best way to work through this situation? In this episode, Tom and Lisa impart their wisdom on how to have full disclosure and get through the process together even when your values are colliding. Coexisting in a happy and healthy relationship with moments of pettiness is possible when you acknowledge it and communicate.



Being Petty | Tom on why it’s disarming and when communicated you process together [0:57]

Apologizing | Lisa explains their rules for apologizing and not being sorry about intentions [3:31]

Collision of Values | The danger of the situation and how to still acknowledge each other [5:01]

Appreciation | How to navigate collision of values with respect and appreciation  [7:23]



“the second you just say you’re sorry to make the other person feel better. You just sweep it under the rug” Lisa Bilyeu [3:59]


“I fully respect that we just don’t agree at a value system level. So I’m not saying your values are wrong. But I’m very much saying that they’re not mine.” Tom Bilyeu [5:33]


“To me, it’s every day, we are working together as a team to really accomplish what we need or want to do. And we have our morals, we have our beliefs, and we need to support them.”



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