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What to Do When Your Partner is Negative and Won't Change | Relationship Theory

You’ve probably found yourself excited and overjoyed over something you’ve discovered that has transformed your life or impacted you for the better. Maybe it was about health, career, or something spiritual. The desire to share with everyone you know could easily be overwhelming for you and everyone around. When it comes to your relationships, something so good can suddenly become the dagger between your connection with the other person. In this episode, Tom and Lisa venture down the path of what to do when you have this positive change in your life and your partner is not willing to even give it consideration and is just negative about life. Changing someone without manipulation is near impossible. Tom and Lisa take you through real tactics of how to lead from example in your own life and know when and how to approach these “dangerous” conversations.



Changing People | Why you can’t change people that don’t want to change [1:02]

Negative Partner | How to approach a negative partner and acknowledge the danger of it [2:20]

Dangerous Topics | When and how it’s best to approach heavy topics you clash on [6:44]

Critical Timing | Lisa shares tips on finding the best time to bring up deep conversations [9:20]

Compartmentalize | Learning tactics to shift gears and control when to approach topics [12:46]

Growth Minded | How to share your growth mindset with partner not willing to learn [15:02]

Same Page | The value of being on same page is about not suffering in your relationship [18:02]



“this absolutely and fundamentally, for me, must be resolved in our relationship, otherwise, I cannot progress.” Tom Bilyeu [4:34]


“instead of taking it as a personal insult that like, ‘I take this more seriously than he does because I want to talk about it right now.’ I think you’ve got to let go of that. Because I think that actually brings more animosity and anger within you about how they’re reacting which I don’t think helps the situation.” Lisa Bilyeu [13:54]


“if we don’t work towards having a great relationship, then we may as well walk away because neither of us are willing to suffer in a relationship when you’re not on the same page.” Lisa Bilyeu [18:22]


“people treat you exactly the way you let them treat you. And you are training them in every interaction that you have.” Tom Bilyeu [18:46]


“If you’re my spouse, and I have a dream, you have exactly one job helped me execute against that.” Tom Bilyeu [19:30]


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