Tom and Lisa

How to Balance Your Relationship with Your Career Goals

Entrepreneurship, business, and your relationship. What should we be prioritizing most, why does it feel that they are always in conflict with one another, and how can we maintain a healthy relationship while still pursuing our goals? On this episode of Relationship Theory, Tom and Lisa Bilyeu sit down to discuss such matters and more as they explore how to maintain a healthy relationship while still putting in the time and effort to pursue your big goals. They discuss the balance needed in every relationship, how to make time for your partner, the importance of prioritizing in a relationship, and how to manage your relationship when it conflicts with business.


Balance | Lisa and Tom discuss how to balance your relationship with your drive. [0:25]

Time | Tom and Lisa discuss how to make time for your partner and the relationship. [2:11]

Prioritize | Tom and Lisa share how they made time for one another during busy times. [4:20]

Conflict | Lisa and Tom discuss how they balance their relationship with business. [5:29]

Children | Lisa and Tom share how they came to the conclusion to not have children. [6:16]


“But it is almost certainly going to take so much longer than any human being can endure having a lame relationship, just based on the amount of time that you invest in it.” [1:57]

“The only thing that is interesting in a relationship is if somebody makes you feel, they don’t intellectually tell you, they make you feel like the most important thing.” [2:41]

“And just like I don’t think most people can be number two to another person, they can’t be number two to a business.” [4:00]











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