Tom and Lisa

How to Know if You're Ready For a Relationship

How do you know if you’re ready for your next relationship? Perhaps your past has left you in fear and apprehensive about falling in love again? On this episode of Relationship Theory, Tom and Lisa Bilyeu sit down to discuss such questions and more as they explore the process of entering a new relationship, falling in love again, and how to learn from your past relationships to strengthen your next one. They discuss how love should drive your decision, how to address concerns going into your next relationship, how to heal from heartbreak, and how to own up to your past mistakes so that your next relationship isn’t riddled with them.


Waiting for Them | Lisa and Tom address chasing a love interest that’s dragging their feet. [0:24]

Feelings | Tom and Lisa discuss how love, not apprehension, should drive a relationship. [2:53]

Concerns | Lisa shares overcoming feelings of concern she had early in their relationship. [5:08]

Forward | Lisa and Tom share how to move on from the pain of past-toxic relationships. [6:23]

Heartbreak | Lisa and Tom discuss recovering from the trauma of heartbreak. [11:58]

Fear | Lisa and Tom discuss their fears surrounding their relationship and life in general. [17:08]

All In | Lisa and Tom discuss their journey of going ‘all in’ with their relationship. [18:54]

Own It | Tom and Lisa reveal why you need to take full ownership of your mistakes. [20:14]


“When you feel about somebody in such a strong way that you think no one has ever felt about someone the way that I feel about this person, that’s when you know it’s love.” [3:36]

“…you can either let things be scars or you can just really heal them and let go.” [7:53]

“The beauty of love is to know, “I can always be hurt.”” [14:05]  










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