Tom and Lisa

Why You Shouldn't Let Family Pressure Control Who You Love

When it comes to love, it’s absolutely crucial that you are in control of your life’s decisions and are keeping your own best interest in mind. Too often we let external forces dictate our love lives and we never stop to ask ourselves, “What is it that I actually want?” On this episode of Relationship Theory, Lisa and Tom Bilyeu sit down to discuss such matters and more as they explore what to do if your parents, friends, or family are pressuring your decisions related to love and why you should feel empowered to not shy away from what it is you actually want. They discuss why you should disregard societal pressures, why you need to take control of your own life’s decisions, how to follow your own internal compass, and the importance of knowing what it is that you truly want.


It’s Your Life | Lisa and Tom discuss falling in love and disregarding societal pressures. [0:21]

Lead Yourself | Lisa discusses why you need to take control of your own life’s decisions. [3:53]

Internal | Tom and Lisa discuss your internal compass versus external influences. [8:14]

Wants | Lisa and Tom discuss, “What is it that you actually want?” [12:11]

Stay True | Tom shares why we shouldn’t feel the pressure to change for others. [14:00]


“You’ve got to take the leadership of your own life.” [5:36]

“Now [I’m] making decisions based off what’s internal versus what is momentary pleasure that I’m giving my parents.” [13:23]

“…the most counterproductive thing you could ever say to me would be, “I’m going to disown you.” Because are you out of your fucking mind?” [14:18]











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