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When it comes to getting married, aside from the guests list, getting the gown and all the arrangements that go into making the day memorable, the most important part of the entire day is the vows you make to one another. The stress of writing your own vows can be overwhelming. What do you say and what should you communicate to your partner with everyone listening? In this episode, Tom and Lisa get personal and explore the significance of their wedding day and Tom shares what he considers to be the 4 most important and foundational words for any relationship.



Getting Married | Tom recalls the tradition of their wedding ceremony [1:09]

Marriage Rituals | Tom & Lisa discuss the ritualistic vibe missing is weddings [2:51]

Writing Vows| Lisa explains the discomfort she would have sharing vows publicly [4:12]

Tattoo | Tom explains the meaning and intention behind his tattoo for Lisa [5:23]

4 Words | Tom shares the 4 foundational words he would use for his vows [7:27]

Love & Passion | Tom explains their significance and their role in the relationship [9:04]

Intimacy | Lisa’s tip for connection and intimacy in 30 seconds [13:12]

Respect & Commitment | The role of equality & always willing to mend & move forward [14:27]

Apologies | Lisa on truly resolving issues and only giving sincere





“It’s about being with my husband and making those sacred vows that I will hold on to” Lisa Bilyeu [4:56]


“love, passion, commitment, and respect […] to me, just the absolute foundation of any relationship.” Tom Bilyeu [7:27]


“you need to know that I’m going to be a rock that I’m going to do whatever mending has to be done […] I have to be open to accepting that and building the bridge and moving forward.” Tom Bilyeu [15:03]



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