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If Your Partner Spends Too Much, Watch This | Relationship Theory

Buying things for yourself feels exciting and rewarding. You work hard to put in the time and effort it takes to earn money so you can treat yourself to whatever you please. Maybe it’s a trip to spa, a pair of Valentino heels you’ve been eyeing for a while, or a grand chandelier that will make a statement. Whatever it is for you, do you soon lose the joy of having it because of guilt or judgment from what others think about the lavish things you buy for yourself? In this episode, Tom and Lisa tackle the topic of spending lavishly with zero guilt.


No Guilt | Tom explains when how you earn aligns with your values, spending is guilt-free [0:35]

Aligned Spending | Lisa on spending money when you value things differently and own it [5:04]


“I’m now going to make the demand that whatever I do to make money, it has to serve other people.” Tom Bilyeu [1:30]

“I am so not conflicted about wealth creation because I’ve done it in a way that I think is value added to the world.” Tom Bilyeu [3:50]

“getting it or not getting it doesn’t actually have the result that you’re looking for.” Lisa Bilyeu [6:09]


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