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Why Going To Bed And Cuddling Is Important To Your Relationship Health | Relationship Theory

Relationships have a life of their own that grow and mature with time. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that people don’t change and grow as well. When one of you becomes super motivated and ambitious over health or career goals, naturally you may want to push your other half along the same journey with you. But is that the right approach? In this episode, Tom and Lisa talk about living a synchronized life that prioritizes the shared experience of the relationship over individual ambition, and how to better encourage behaviors you want from your partner, not force or pressure.



Synchronized Life | High degree of intention, focused on what you both want to get out it [0:55]

Prioritize Moments | Lisa on identifying moments that matter to you both & prioritizing [2:17]

Joint Motivator | Tom on why bed time was for relationship not ambition of one [2:51]

Perspective | Address different ambition levels from the relationship perspective [3:35]

Encourage Behaviors | Lisa on giving partner incentives that achieve the desired outcome [4:12]



“There just is no substitute for proximity being together sharing experience.” Tom Bilyeu [1:51]


“…if you’re gonna force me or pressure me, like that’s not necessarily a winning solution.” [5:53]


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