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How Supporting Your Partner's Goals is a Win For You | Relationship Theory

What could be better than being a powerhouse couple that shines together? Jay-Z and Beyonce, Bill and Melinda, Tom and Lisa are just a few examples of how incredible that can be. But how do you realistically handle your partner’s growth and success? Are you all in and supportive of and committed to seeing your partner’s career and business endeavors succeed, even when your own selfish needs and wants creep to the surface? Tom and Lisa share the secret code they live in fully encouraging each other’s growth. From backing Tom’s power moves to encouraging Lisa to go from housewife to high powered businesswoman, this episode is filled with exactly how to support your partner’s growth.




True North | Tom on being fully committed to seeing your partner grow & succeed [0:54]

Reciprocating | Lisa & Tom on source of reciprocated support of one another [5:48]

Mindset Shift | Lisa addresses how to get to a supportive mindset if you’re not there [8:13]

Seeds of Doubt | Planting seeds of negativity and even slightly discouraging your partner [9:29]

Competing | Lisa highlights the potential danger for jealousy over each other’s career [12:38]




“…fill your heart with a desire for the other person to shine” Tom Bilyeu [0:54]


“they should be your number one. And if they’re your number one, you should want them to win.” Tom Bilyeu [7:17]


“if you’re not setting the people up in your life to thrive, like WTF” Tom Bilyeu [7:53]


“You can easily slip into being selfish like that. It may not mean that you want to, it’s just an instinct.” Lisa Bilyeu [9:10]


“You can’t be selfish and just think about yourself. You’ve got to be happy for your partner.” Lisa Bilyeu [15:03]


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