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TACTICS to Have TOUGH CONVERSATIONS and Grow Closer | Relationship Theory

Is there ever an ideal time to have those hard conversations? Date night isn’t the time for it. During the week, with work, meetings, kids, and life maybe you’re too exhausted to have those conversations. But to progress in your relationship, addressing the hard topics is key, and communication is mandatory for a healthy, happy, long-lasting relationship. Tom and Lisa walk through their own recent examples and give you tips for having those conversations no matter how difficult or how busy your partner may be. After nearly two decades together, they can give you a range of ideas for wherever you are in your relationship.



Magic Time | Tom shares why the “magic moment” time doesn’t exist [1:05]

Open Time | Why your partner needs to create time and space for the hard conversations [2:15]

Carving Time | The importance of carving out time for difficult talks and addressing issues [3:22]

Warnings | Make sure you are telling your partner  and setting them up for success [5:05]

Giving Hints | Tom reveals why hinting is not a good option and must be avoided [8:26]

Assessing When | Tom walks through how he finds the best time to bring up hard talks [10:39]

Any Topic, Any Time | How Tom & Lisa tried this rule for hard conversations & failed [14:13]

Rules of Engagement | Why laying out the rules and going through trial and error is best [15:27]




“If you’re ever hinting in your life stop!” Tom Bilyeu [9:17]


“when you’re communicating with the other person, like what is the actual thing you’re trying to get across” Lisa Bilyeu [9:36]


“when you’re hinting you’re setting the other person up for failure” [9:55]


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