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What TO DO When You Are Feeling JEALOUS and INSECURE in Your Relationship | Relationship Theory

When you see your partner looking at other people, how does that trigger your emotions? Do feelings of jealousy come up? Do you start thinking there is something wrong with you? Do you attack yourself? Everyone comes across these feelings of jealousy and insecurity in life, and how you decide to respond to those feelings is critical. Often people want to address the other person’s actions, but exploring why these feelings are coming up for you is more important. Tom and Lisa expand on the importance of self-worth, building confidence, and working on yourself until you are unbreakable. Your value, your worth, and securities are not given to you, they are built from within. No matter where you are in your relationship, or even if you don’t have a relationship, the process of working through jealousy and insecurities is a highly prized skill that will serve you well.



Jealousy Trigger | When the feeling arises assess what insecurities are being triggered [1:30]

Self-Worth | Not attaching self-worth to phases but on what’s valuable & worthy [5:21]

Overcoming Insecurity | Lisa facing insecurity, anchoring to self-worth, keep your power [8:50]

Self-Centered | Being strong & confident in yourself in a way you can always rebuild self [13:28]

1st Step Out of Jealousy | Work on yourself, build confidence, and set your boundaries [16:40]



“…jealousy and envy is a good reminder to do the work in yourself to shore up your insecurities to figure out why you’re on such an uneven footing with that” Tom Bilyeu [4:27]


“I still want to be in the place where I’m so secure in myself that it’s like if you choose that, it will break my heart, but you won’t break me.” Lisa Bilyeu [12:46]


“if you do hurt me, I can get back up because I built the foundation of how I see myself” Lisa Bilyeu [13:20]


“He can’t give you confidence, nor can he take it away. He can trigger something that’s already inside of you, but he can’t give it or take it away, so you have to do that work.” Tom Bilyeu [15:49]


“if the behavior is predictable, it shouldn’t upset you.” Tom Bilyeu [18:49]



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