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THE FUN EFFORT Needed to BUILD a successful RELATIONSHIP | Relationship Theory

Is it better to start a relationship while you are growing your business or after? Tom and Lisa have built a million-dollar empire together successfully, but are they the exception or the standard you can aim to achieve? Either way, you decide, both Tom and Lisa agree that building a successful relationship takes lots of time and effort, as does building a business. It may come down to priorities and where you are personally with your skill for relationships. This episode will give you a better understanding of how a mega successful couple prioritizes each other.


Building Together | Tom on the bonus of building business and relationship same time [1:00]

Relationship Work |The effort it takes to build relationships and the rewards if you’re ready [3:51]


“if you don’t have the relationship skills, it’s going to be a distraction, it’s going to make things harder or worse” Tom Bilyeu [1:34]

“it’s a lot of work. Like you have to put the time and energy and effort into it.” Lisa Bilyeu [4:02]


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