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How We Overcame Gender Roles and Created a Successful Partnership | Relationship Theory

Falling in love can be the easy and most exciting part of any relationship. Navigating the logistics of what success for the relationship looks like can quickly become a tangled web of compromise. Have you found yourself caving to the pressure and expectations of your partner in terms of what your role should be in the relationship? Tom and Lisa have a wealth of experience with Lisa starting out supporting Tom from home to her choosing to be a full-time business partner with Tom. This episode breaks down the best way to set your ego aside, cast away preconceived notions of what your roles should be, and decide to support each other’s strengths, Follow your partner as easily as you to take the lead.




Defined Roles | Tom breaks down how he initially defined roles as alpha and beta [0:40]

Better At | Acknowledging who is better at making decisions in what area and celebrate [2:41]

Changing Roles | Lisa shares how she felt wanting to no longer be a stay at home wife [4:29]

Supporting Change | Tom shares how he mourned Lisa’s change and fully supported her [6:42]

Equal Roles | Valuing being equal in importance in the relationship and seeing it 50/50 [9:42]



“understand that leadership is fluid, and there are going to be times where I’m leading, there’s going to be times when you’re leading, and that if you can follow into being a follower as rapidly as you take the leadership role, it just feels rad.” Tom Bilyeu [4:05]


“Nothing would shatter my own values faster than not wanting you to be exactly what you want to be and supporting you every step of the way.” Tom Bilyeu [8:55]


“Whether it’s in a business or just in your personal life, it needs to be seen as 5050 all along the way. And you both have to come into agreement about what that looks like” Lisa Bilyeu [10:51]



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