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Why You Should Look to achieve THIS GOAL in Your Relationship Instead of FINDING BALANCE | Relationship Theory

Is there such a thing as balance in a relationship? Is there ever truly work, love, and life balance, or as Lisa Nichols puts it, is there really just harmony? Tom and Lisa have been working together and building a massively successful empire together that requires major efforts and seem to have found a system of harmony that works extremely well for their relationship. Communication is often anchored at the core of their advice for having a more fulfilling, healthier, and happier relationship. They share 5 tips and tricks that have helped them maintain the harmony and focus of their relationship together over the years. If you’re looking for insider information on how successful relationships stay strong and only improve over time this is it.



No Balance | Lisa explains why she doesn’t seek balance, she seeks harmony [0:45]

Communicate | Don’t assume your partner knows what you need and what you feel [1:58]

Motivation | Tom on why vocalizing your motivation to each other is important [4:31]

Defined Terms | Tom shares why this has been critical in their relationship [6:47]

Being Vague | Why being vague will kill the relationship and the effort it takes [8:21]

Keys to the Kingdom | Be clear about what makes you happy what you want [9:47]



“We don’t seek balance. We seek harmony.” Lisa Nichols quoted by Lisa [0:50]


“People die by vagaries.” Tom Bilyeu [8:21]


“People want things like love and anything that’s beautiful in their life to be effortless. It just doesn’t work like that.” Tom Bilyeu [8:32]


“if you wanted to be successful, you’d have to work hard at your job or your career or whatever, so to not think of relationships like that, it’s crazy to me.” Lisa Bilyeu [10:45]


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