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If You're Feeling NEGLECTED Because Your Partner is Busy, WATCH

How do you support a highly ambitious partner with a hyper-focus on goals and success? It’s so easy to fall into a selfish pattern of thinking. What about time for me? When do we get to focus on each other? Being with someone that is highly driven is not an easy role to sign up for. Tom and Lisa happen to both be highly ambitious and focused individuals. Lisa has played her part as a supportive wife and a successful business partner. In this episode, Tom and Lisa break down the hard truth about what it takes to sign up for that lifestyle and also what it takes to prioritize each other as number one.



Family Goal |Lisa on why they decided on a family goal and individual goals [0:54]

Focus | Get what you focus on, so see how you are a team supporting each other  [4:12]

Ambition | Why you have to know what comes along with it when its the life you chose [5:21]

Mismatched | Collectively deciding the life you both want, is it aligned or mismatched [7:33]



“And I know deep down that I’m not number two, I’m your number one.” Lisa Bilyeu [2:19]


“If you’re focusing on the fact that you feel neglected, and you’re put second all the time, you’re going to start to feel like that.” Lisa Bilyeu [4:21]


“you’re so good about not being abusive, that when you speak up, like whatever it is like I have that switch that goes, ‘nothing else matters.’” [6:54]



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