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These WINNING STRATEGIES Help End Conflict When You’re Feeling ATTACKED | Relationship Theory

It’s exciting when you find a deep why and purpose for your life and really start leaning into your passions. That joy can become heartbreak when you realize your family and friends don’t relate and seem to be unsupportive of your newfound drive and passion. How do you navigate family gatherings, hangouts with old friends, or calls with mom when you see life so differently? Tom and Lisa share their personal experiences and advice for responding to this kind of tension as individuals and as partners when you have to show up for your partner as well. It’s not navigating these tensions but it is necessary that you be equipped to know the best strategies for you and your situation to get the feeling you’re looking for.



No Stress | Stop trying to convince people to think the way you think [1:04]

No Debating | No need to debate with anyone when you don’t agree. Get curious instead [4:31]

Relationship Rules | Dealing with your partner’s family & tension for your partner [5:44]

The Attack | Tom’s reaction when someone is attacking and coming after you [6:31]

Avoid Drama | Lisa’s advice to make sure the situation doesn’t turn into drama [9:09]

Family Friction | Taking a stance to be bothered or allowing the tension to roll off [10:30]

Strategy | Options for keeping the peace and choosing harmony not insanity [13:00]

Distance Yourself | Slowly lose contact with people if the relationship doesn’t serve you [15:00]



“Get back to my baseline and not be upset by it, because you know that’s what they’re like, you know that’s how they normally act and so when it happens why are you always surprised, it’s a pattern, so break the pattern. Don’t be surprised. Go in there knowing this is what they’re like.” Lisa Bilyeu [12:08]

“Do the strategy that makes you feel the way you want to feel” Tom Bilyeu [12:36]

“I will greet warmly when I see you, but I never not go out of my way to see you” Tom Bilyeu [15:58]


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