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This is What Happens When You Don't Share Much in Common with Your Partner | Relationship Theory

Working hard on your goals and creating the life you and your partner dream about is part of the day to day grind, and that is fine. Working so many hours that you leave your partner feeling neglected, ignored and seeking attention, is not okay. It is so important that you prioritize the health of your relationship over anything if it is important to you. It takes a lot of work on both ends of the relationship to make progress by creating time and opportunity for each other. The beauty about relationships is having someone love you so much they are willing to try things they aren’t excited about because they are more excited about you. These tips will help you think of new ways to see where you and your partner’s interests overlap so you can find time to do things together that bring you deeper connection and joy.



A.D.D. | Why having ADD is not an excuse, you still have obligation to improve [0:31]

Shared Interests | Importance of finding common interests and joy together [1:42]

Be Open | Give things your partner likes a try for the sake of your partner [3:30]

Attention | When your partner is distracted and your feeling ignored [4:30]



“If you don’t share anything in common breakup” Tom Bilyeu [2:20]


“There’s nothing worse when you’re at dinner or something, and you’re trying to have a romantic moment or something and the other person picks up their phone.” Lisa Bilyeu [5:38]


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