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THIS is How You Keep the SEXUAL SPARK ALIVE in Your Relationship | Relationship Theory

Most people, if not all, would agree that sex at the beginning of the relationship is amazing. It’s a time when everything is fresh and new, and you can barely keep your hands to yourself when you’re around each other. However, 1 year in, 5 years in, 15 years into the relationship, how do you maintain desire for each other and continue to have an amazing sex life together, especially for women who have different needs to get going from men? Tom and Lisa get candid about what it takes for them to continue having a healthy sex life after 20 years of marriage. Understanding your tendencies and sexual needs is key regardless of who you are.



Stereotypes | Tom addresses stereotypes and why women may need to build up to sex [1:45]

Feel Sexy | Why women like to be the center of sexual attention for their partner [3:28]

Not Feeling It | Lisa on the role being sick played in her not feeling sexy or attractive [5:04]

Rule of Thumb | Tom explains how understanding male, female heuristics is helpful [5:34]

Empowered | How understanding the extra attention women need for sex is empowering [8:35]

Transition | Lisa explains why transitions are important to get in the mood for sex [10:19]



“Men need to have sex to feel loved. Women need to feel loved to have sex.” Tom Bilyeu [3:23]


“I want to feel protected by you, and I know in this day and age, people may hate that, but I don’t fucking care.” Lisa Bilyeu [11:34]


“it doesn’t even just have to be penetration. It’s the connection” Lisa Bilyeu [13:40]


“being honest about your schedule, being honest about your life, and not trying to pretend and then really implement, like, date night” Lisa Bilyeu [14:25]


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